Top 20 FinTech Companies in Hong Kong

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The Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem is driven by innovation, a free market inviting talent and investments, and the presence of several quality incubators. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) maintains a progressive regulatory environment that allows for innovation. Access to the mainland China market is also a key trait of the HK FinTech scene, while Hong Kong itself continues to remain a global finance centre.

A healthy rivalry seems to exist between Singapore and Hong Kong to be the FinTech leader of the Asian region. Several posts have been written about this. After our recent look at the Top FinTech Startups in Singapore, Fintech Asia brings a list of the most well-funded financial technology companies in Hong Kong…

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Fintech Company Website Fund Raised in USD million Category Founder / MD / CEO
Futu Securities 215.5 Online Broker Li Hua
WeLab 205 Lending Simon Loong, Kelly Wong, Aananth Solaiyappan
CompareAsiaGroup 96 Personal Finance Stefan Bruun, Gerald Eder, Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen
8 Securities 29 Personal Finance Mikaal Abdulla, Mathias Helleu
WeConvene 15.7 Investment Tech Radek Barnert, Mike Barnert
InvestLab 10 Investment Tech Mark Munoz
Akulaku 8 Lending William Li
iboxMPOS 5.7 Payments Pavel Sadovnikov
AMP Credit Technologies 5 Lending Thomas J. DeLuca
BTC China 5 Cryptocurrency Bobby Lee
Quantifeed 4.5 Investment Tech Ross Milward, Alex Ypsilanti
MoneyHero 3 Personal Finance Alister Musgrave
PassKit 2.1 Payments Nick Murray, Paul Tomes
Qupital 2 Lending Andy Chan, Winston Wong
Melotic 1.18 Payments Jack Wang
Gatecoin 0.8 Cryptocurrency Aurélien Menant
Aidyia 0.6 Investment Tech Ken Cooper, Emanuel Breiter
Monexo 0.5 Lending Sonal Bengani, Mukesh Bubna, M Sundar
DigiByte 0.25 Cryptocurrency Jared Tate
Bitspark 0.04 Cryptocurrency Maxine Ryan, George Harrap


Editor’s note: The funding/investment data was collected from various sources such as Crunchbase, news reports, etc. Not all rounds may be disclosed by companies.

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