Top 11 FinTech Startups in India

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In a country where cash has usually been the go to medium for both small and large transactions, the growing number of FinTech companies in India are gradually introducing the country to a digital world of financial services. Though cryptocurrencies are currently seeing a rise globally, it is still the more traditional services like lending and access to banking through […]

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Australia’s ASIC and Singapore’s MAS to collaborate on FinTech regulations

The Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC) is in discussion with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on an agreement to ensure that regulations do not interfere with the innovation and development in fintech . Due to the fast-growing nature of the fintech segment as well as Bitcoin, it is to no surprise that financial regulators are paying closer attention to […]

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MAS and SG-Innovate Launches Virtual Fintech Office

The Singapore government has announced that they will be launching a fintech-focused office, a collaborative effort between SG-Innovate and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The one-stop virtual office, named The FinTech Office, will aim to focus on financial technology (fintech) startups, with a set launch date of May 3. This is an effort by the Singapore government to further promote […]

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Thai government embraces fintech and equity crowdfunding

The Thai government and financial authorities are now embracing fintech initiatives, with a focus in equity crowdfunding. The relevant regulators, such as the Bank of Thailand, Securities and Exchange Commission and Office of Insurance Commission are now making the necessary amendments in rules and regulations in order to encourage fintech growth in the country. It is hoped that, through the […]

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WeLab $160 Million Series B funding round led by Khazanah Nasional

Khazanah Nasional Leads Series B investment for WeLab

Malaysia’s government sovereign wealth fund, Khazanah Nasional has led a Series B investment exercise of $160 million in WeLab, a Hong Kong-based fintech startup. WeLab is a mobile lending and credit analytics platform in China, and they operate Wolaidai, one of China’s largest mobile lending platforms. Just a year ago, WeLab completed a Series A funding round of $20 million, […]

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