Fintech India: OfBusiness

ofbusiness india fintech asia

OfBusiness is a technology-driven SME financing platform that adds value beyond financing through its raw material fulfilment engine and marketing services. OfBusiness serves as a single-window for SMEs in the manufacturing and infrastructure space to get secured and unsecured credit lines as an alternate to financing by local distributors and financiers, which is at a much higher cost. SMEs can use this limit for cost-effective procurement of raw material (metals, polymers, paper, building materials) which the platform aggregates, passing the aggregation benefits to the SMEs.

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Fintech India: Atom

atom technology payments india fintech asia

Atom is an omni channel payments service provider providing payment processing as well as payment aggregation services across all the classes of merchants across all the channels viz. point of sale, internet, IVR as well as mobile. It was founded in 2006. It works with more than 100000 merchants processing over a billion dollars per month.

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Top FinTech Companies in Korea

Top Fintech Companies South Korea Fintech Asia

Fintech companies in South Korea have begun the introduction of convenient and smooth experiences, while also modernising the security methods akin to rest of the world. The government is supportive by relaxing regulations so technology startups are able to grow in an environment suited for exactly that.

Fintech Asia brings this list of some of the top fintech companies in Korea that you should know about right now.

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International social payments across multiple currencies on new Smart Transfer app

Smart Transfer today announced the official launch of the world’s first person-to-person mobile payment platform that enables international social payments across multiple currencies at no charge to users. Aside from bank accounts, Smart Transfer allows international money transactions to be made to any phone number, email address, or social media platform.

Person-to person payment services offered by existing platforms are typically restricted to a single country, currency, or proprietary platform, and may involve service fees ranging up to 8% of the transaction amount. As payments become increasingly digital and mobile based, Smart Transfer is envisioned to play a vital role in enabling person-to-person payments via a platform designed to transcend these limitations.

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Opinion: Bringing democracy into the $28.6 trillion international payments business

international payments fintech asia prajit nanu instarem

In our last feature, we spoke to a international payments (cross-border remittance) company. The thought was that a world without borders does exist, but so does an inadvertent exchange of skill and manpower. In this opinion article, Prajit Nanu shares with Fintech Asia the ideas that help him drive the business. Speed, trust, low fees, convenience – a number of such things influence the needs of the consumer.

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Fintech Singapore: SingX

SingX Singapore Fintech Asia

In a time when the world is figuratively flat again – thanks to exchange of talent, skills and manpower globally – arises the common need to send money across borders. SingX, based in Singapore, is one such fintech attending to the need for cross-border remittance. With a team of banking and technology veterans, SingX has set its focus on easing money transfer for the consumer. Atul Garg of SingX tells Fintech Asia all about the company and industry they operate in…

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