Japan Fingerprint Payments Currency?

With epayments, mobile payments and payments-related startups popping up left right centre, is there still room for innovative solutions in the payments space?

Enters the Japanese government, who recently announced that they are hoping to implement a fingerprint payments system.

How this works is, upon arrival at the airport, tourists will be able to register their fingerprints, which will then be linked to their credit cards.

This is set up so that tourists entering Japan will be able to pay for their purchases simply through verification via fingerprints when they are travelling around Japan. Instead of having to carry their cash or credit cards, this helps relieve tourists’ constant state of anxiety from losing them.

This process is not only more convenient and easier than swiping a credit card and tapping our mobile phones on point-of-sales terminals, it is also more secure.

The government will be beginning their test this summer, and is now already functional in Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki. The allegedly anonymous data collected will be used to analyse the movements and spending of tourists, in order for them to devise new methods to ease the life of tourists visiting Japan, and attract those who are thinking about visiting. 

The pilot programme will see the participation of about 300 businesses and they are planning for the system to be implementable and operational nationwide by the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

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