Maecenas – Democratising Fine Art Investment

Maecenas Fintech Asia Marcelo García Casil

Fine art has been for centuries a great store of value for wealthy families. However, it is a market that leaves most investors underserved due to the many barriers that exist to enter this market.

Most first-time investors who get excited about purchasing their first piece of art very quickly get discouraged and disappointed as soon as they learn about the tedious and opaque process required, and the huge fees that dealers charge. But it does not have to be this way. Technology has created efficiency in capital markets for the benefit of many asset classes, and there is no reason why fine art should be the exception. One of the key challenges faced by the art market is validating the authenticity of artworks. Now, with blockchain technology, this process can be made secure and tamper-proof to unlock the estimated trillions of dollars’ worth of fine art currently in safe storage.

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