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Matthew Ainscow is an experienced Chief Executive with experience in the finance and investment sector of over 20 years. He is leading the innovation in biometric and two-factor authentication solutions and developing security software solutions at Solus.

He has been working with the team to create cyber security solutions for businesses and organisations in Healthcare, Finance, Premium Digital services like information and Government.

Fintech Asia learns more about the company from Matthew.


How did you come about setting your focus on this particular category? Please tell us a little more about the company’s beginnings as well.

Solus Connect was formed in December 2013 as an offshoot from a JV I was involved with two years prior.


What transformations have you undergone as a company since starting up?

The primary transformation has been the evolution towards an aggregation platform servicing “Unobtrusive Biometrics.”


How much has the increasing awareness about security among consumers led to business embedding a solution as yours? Any specific events reported publicly that contributed as well?

Yes it has especially around mobile banking applications. Cyber crime is epidemic so the major headline “scare” stories just validate what is happening in the market place.


Thoughts on the present current Asian fintech landscape through Solus’ perspective? How is it faring so far compared to United Kingdom, Denmark, the Middle East etc. according to you?

Both these markets have equally significant potential but the engagements need to be handled differently.


There are various geographies with unique challenges and opportunities. How does it fit in with your product and growth plans for the immediate future?

We generally roll out through local SI’s in each market as they provide the necessary local support and knowledge required.

This is in-line with our international deployment road map.


Please tell us a little about your funding journey – the requirements & objectives in mind when you decided to raise a round/s; the fit you found or were looking for with your investors; what would you be looking for in the future as the business grows?

We are on the look out for acquisitions that can increase the value of both of our IP and improve the consumers end user experience.

We are planning to list on AIM in London next year.


What advice would you give to other fintech/cybersecurity entrepreneurs?

Be persistent and tenacious.


Anything else you’d like to add… 🙂

Live life to the full – no regrets.

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