Top 115 FinTech Influencers You Need To Know in Asia

Collaboration within the global FinTech industry is on the rise, and Asia continues to dominate the market with innovation in products, continued investments and several experts setting up base in this part of the world. Fintech Asia had earlier gauged FinTech talents to release a list of top FinTech influencers. We have updated our exhaustive list, adding even more FinTech hustlers you need to know about and follow.

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FinTech India: ClearTax


Fintech Asia got in touch with Archit Gupta, Founder & CEO of to understand how they are harnessing fintech to ease tax related processes in the country. An estimated market of 50 million Indians are looking for solutions that allow them to manage their finance lives on their own. This interview is part of the ‘Fintech India’ series.

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FinTech India: Zebpay

This interview is part of the ‘Fintech India’ series by Fintech Asia.

Zebpay is a digital asset exchange in India. Users can buy and sell bitcoins, recharge their airtime across India and buy vouchers of Amazon, Flipkart etc. though the Android and iOS apps. Zebpay is the first in the industry to launch a bitcoin wallet app that enables bitcoin transactions using a mobile number without any complexities to understand bitcoin addresses, taking backups or fear of losing bitcoins for non tech savvy users.

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