10K launches Fintech Institute in Singapore


25 JANUARY 2016, SINGAPORE10K officially launches Fintech Institute in Singapore to support fintech developments in the Asian region through a fintech-focused educational training program with a certification at the end of the course.

The Fintech Institute will feature a series of workshop-based short courses in financial technology (fintech) where participants can attend virtually through the Fintech Institute portal or physically at one of our 10K co-working spaces in Singapore and regionally.

The curriculum broadly aims to unmask the complexities of fintech and educate participants on how technology is disrupting and innovating the space of financial services, with a special focus on fintech in Asia.

‘Fintech is a sector that is booming in Asia and we have see vast opportunities and developments in this area in the last year or so. With an Asian-focus, 10K has identified the immense growth of fintech so far and is set to offer a structured curriculum to support to increasing thirst for knowledge in this area, hence the Fintech Institute.’ said the CEO of 10K, Joel Ko Hyun-Sik.

‘Financial technology is catching up speed in Asia and the developments and innovation in this area has been expanding. We see receptiveness of fintech among professionals as well as existing financial institutions, as well as government authorities, even in conservative countries in Asia,’ he further explained.

The curriculum offered at the Fintech Institute caters to the ever-changing landscape of the fintech space and is highly relevant to the challenges in this sector. Upon completion of the educational training course, participants will receive the first and only professional fintech certification in Asia.

The Certification of Fintech Professional (CFTP) will be a part-time financial technology certification for banking and tech professionals as well as those who have an interest in fintech. The Fintech Institute curriculum will delve into the breath of areas such as mobile payments, remittance, blockchain, wealth management, compliance, security and more.

Marvelstone, a private investment group that develops and invests in growing businesses across Asia, is the cornerstone partner of the Fintech Institute.

Gina Heng, CEO of Marvelstone said, ‘Fintech is a sector that is close to the hearts of the partners here at Marvelstone as our experience and interest covers the areas of both financial services and technology. Marvelstone is excited to be the cornerstone partner of Fintech Institute and we look forward to a collaborative partnership to better equip the Asian community with sufficient knowledge to boom in the fintech space worldwide.’

Interested parties should send their enquiries to 10k@10k.asia

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