LATTICE80 to Conduct Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Next Year

New Asset Class in Alternative Asset Portfolio: LATTICE80 wants to institutionalise this new asset class to offer a new alpha opportunity for HNWIs and institutional investors. Institutional Level Compliance: Will only consider cities in the most innovative and advanced jurisdictions such as Singapore, Tokyo, London, New York, and Abu Dhabi. Beyond Just an ICO: Additional plans to partner with licensed […]

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The Dark Knight of Dark Pools: Carmenta

“Dark Pools”, not as scary as the word might sound, are enablers of private exchange between Buy Side and Sell Side Institutions in the market. This modern matchmaking tool tries to keep the details of these big trades concealed from general public, at the same time aiming at keeping the High Frequency Traders at bay, from eating away the bread. […]

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Interview: 4xLabs CEO Chris Vanden Berghe

4xLabs is a FinTech start-up headquartered in Singapore. The company develops cloud-based services addressing the needs of all players in the often overlooked cash exchange market. CEO, Chris Vanden Berghe , believes in driving innovation for the global physical FX market, which culminates in money changers leveraging technology for greater efficiency and better profits. This in turn leads to travelers making […]

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Hong Kong Monetary Authority: A New Era of Smart Banking

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) today unveiled a number of initiatives that prepare Hong Kong to move into a New Era of Smart Banking.  In a keynote speech delivered during the Annual Banking Conference of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, Mr Norman Chan, Chief Executive of the HKMA, outlined how the HKMA will take lead and help the banking sector to rise to a higher level and embrace the enormous opportunities brought about by the convergence of banking and technology. 

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Fintech Singapore: Solus

solusps singapore fintech asia

Matthew Ainscow is an experienced Chief Executive with experience in the finance and investment sector of over 20 years. He is leading the innovation in biometric and two-factor authentication solutions and developing security software solutions at Solus.

He has been working with the team to create a cyber security solutions for businesses and organisations in Healthcare, Finance, Premium Digital services like information and Government.

Fintech Asia learns more about the company from Matthew.

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Fintech India: Phi Commerce

phi commerce india fintech asia

The core team at Phi Commerce are experts in the field of digital payments and credit. They have directly been responsible for some of the most innovative payment solutions that are standards in the Indian market today. This team was responsible for the design and roll-out of the solution underpinning the payments network of the largest bank in India as well as the largest outsourced credit card management program in the country.

Cash is still a very dominant mode of payment globally and India is no exception. Experts cite multiple reasons such as cash brings anonymity, cash is cheap, cash is easily available. Despite, a buoyant push by the regulator, citizens of India are not embracing digital payments as expected. Some of the reasons being lack of acceptance infrastructure, lack of parity between digital payments versus cash, lack of awareness and trust.

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Fintech India: Cashcow

cashcow ai india fintech asia

Cashcow is a fintech startup, which is offering banking products at customer’s doorstep via the Ola / Uber model. Prior to founding Cashcow, Gaurav has founded few ventures which include organisations in the domains like Proprietary Algorithmic Trading Desk, Online Real Estate and Technology Consulting domains. Sector agnostic techno entrepreneur, Gaurav believes that technology can be used for bigger purposes beyond basic needs.

“The present Fintech Indian landscape is in evolution phase, where the startups in categories like digital payments, payday loans, aggregators, p2p lending are enabling technology to solve customer pain points and adding convenience in lending & payments space. One of the key parameter for the success of Indian Fintech startups would be how fast we can bring complete customer profile online. Even today in many ways the underwriting process is offline & physical paperwork is part of the process.”

This feature is part of the ‘Fintech India’ series.

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